Tube integrated Amps with Active Preamp section?

I was thinking of trying out a tube integrated at $5000 or less new or used
for awhile and see how it goes.

I remember liking a David Berning separate amp-preamp combo in the late
80s that sounded warmish yet quick as opposed to other tube amps sounding
mushy and slow.

Does anyone make a tube integrated amp with that warm tube sound that
is not slow or mushy? Also, I would want it to have active preamp section
because passive preamps always sound flat and sterile to me. Active preamps
just seem to preserve dynamic macro information better to my ears.

Integrated, tube, active preamp section, warm, quick, black, $5,000 or less new
or used. (no need for a remote control)
B&W 803 Matrix
I may try out the B&W 805 D3 or KEF Reference1 in the future.
I seem to prefer British sound. 
Current gear is all Naim. 

Do you know for sure if the Jadis i50 has an active
pre-amp section or a passive pre-amp section ?

I wish it was black but it may warm up to me..
I guess I could always remove the gaudy knobs and
front panel and have them powder coated black.

Thanks for the suggestion on Jadis mel..
Hopefully I'll get a few more suggestions
so I can research a couple of different options.