Trichord Dino vs Vacuum State JLTi Phono Stages

I am considering purchasing one of these phono stages. The Dino would be the Dino Mk2 with Gen2 NC Dino+ and High Performance PSU Lead. Thank you very much in advance. Your input is invaluable.
I Have owned both the basic Dino and the JLTI (with standard powersupply and upgraded one). Without having compared them at the same time (I owned them at different times), I would say the JLTI plays at a significantly higher level. The JLTI has more resolution detail, i.e. more separation between instruments, deeper, wider soundstage, more refinement and realism. Also I would say the JLTI has the more refined top end, maybe a touch warmer than the Dino. I would go for the basic JLTI without the upgraded powersupply.