Transporter straight to amp w/no pre

Hey. I just order a Modwright Transporter. I was lucky enough to get a great demo price or I never could have afforded it.

In my current system, my pre is the weak link. I am using a fairly nice integrated amp w/the pre and power amp separated. Works ok, but not in the league of the new TP. Given what I paid for the TP, I won't be getting a new pre any time soon.

Anyway, any opinions about how this would sound without a real pre and the TP connected directly to the power amp? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
I believe the less you process a signal the better off you are. I think you will be very happy without your pre I am.
I have the original Transporter and it sounds best directly to the power amp.
Tried tubes and solid states, cleanest is without the preamp.
How do you address line level balance issues? I just read about that issue on the Slim Devices site and I am a little intimidated.
Issues being not able to use the power amp to the full tilt?
I don't need that.

The Transporter's 0dB, max volume, is too much for me when connected to the Bryston 4BSST (300W).

If you use single-ended connection there is an attenuation jumper inside.
I use balanced, no complaint. But if the amp was quitter I might need a preamp because of non-efficient speakers.