Transport Science and Philosophy: VRDS et al

My curiosity about their engineering has led me to do some research on the mechanisms used in various types of transports. Many people seem to agree that the top'o'the'line transport mechanism is the Teac/Esoteric VRDS device used in many high-end transports -- Teac, Esoteric, Wadia, Spectral -- and the engineering of this device is interesting. Comments about the VRDS state that it extracts more information from a disc than any other type of transport mechanism. However, a few people have indicated that this leads to a highly detailed, somewhat dry sound. This depends partly on what DAC is paired with the VRDS transport, and perhaps a tube-based, musical DAC pairing takes advantage of the benefits of both component philosophies. What are your thoughts on this?

Many people have also commented that high-quality digital playback is less dependant on the transport than on the DAC. A lot of people seem to pair cheaper transports -- Sony, Pioneer, etc -- with high-end DACs with good results. Therefore, what improvements over these less expensive transports do higher-end transports such as the VRDS offer and IYO are they worthwhile?

Besides the VRDS, what other transport mechanisms do you like?

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Whoever thinks a DAC is much more important than a transport has not played around with too many DACs and transports. You can have the best DAC in the world but if you feed it with a so-so transport, the sound is going to fall way short of what the DAC can do. Funny thing is that there can be pretty big differences in even very expensive transports.

Many times big bucks does not necessarilly buy you a better transport either. One of the biggest upgrades I have done in recent time was a transport upgrade. I tried out several transports (one that retails for $5k, one that retails for $4.5k, and one that retailed for $3.5k new that had $850 in mods). Which one did I like the best? The one that was $3.5k new that had $850 in mods was the clear winner (and not by a small margin).

Anyway, I am not going to say that a transport in more important than the DAC. I would put them at 50/50 with the digital cable being very important as well.

Other transport mechanisms that are good:
Phillips CDM12 top mechanism
Sony's top mechanism

I think the transport is AT LEAST as important as the DAC. In fact I have had more significant improvements upgrading tranports than upgrading DACs by the same manufacturer.
I second the importance of a low-jitter Transport. You can achieve this with most recent Sony, Philips and Pioneer transports if you get them modded.