There has to be a winner somewhere

Who has the same album or song in 78, 33, (45 for a song), reel to reel, 8-track, cassette, cd, and digital? And can put their hands on?

I got Mozart's Requiem in 4. Though where ARE my cassettes? Joe


Not sure what yer getting at but I grew to like the track order on Todd's second Runt album via 8-Tr so much that I kept it in my p/L's.

You cannot be serious comparing SQ of ANYTHING besides AM radio (which is on its way out) to 1/32" tracks motoring along at 1 7/8 ips.🤪

With all technologies putting in their best turn, and all of them with equal quality sources and all of them with equal quality playback gear, then..7-1/2 IPS reel to reel commercially released tape is the best commercial format that existed.


I don't count 15ips 10.5 inch reels as they are not common enough, in this analysis. Not enough titles available, not widely distributed, and so on..

Max grade, was always the master tape. tape. tape. Not digital. long story.