The pull of separates - Luxman M-10x vs. Accuphase A-48 power amps

I recently upgraded my speakers to the Verity Audio Arindal (the successor to the Amadis S) driven by a class A Luxman L-595ASE integrated amp.  Much as I like this integrated, I am thinking of separates with two different options:

Luxman M-10x power amp + Luxman C-10x preamp, or

Accuphase A-48 per amp + Luxman C-2450 preamp.

I know these are different in that one amp is class A and the other class A/B, but does anyone have any experience with either of the above configurations?


Adding to the list of class A options would be the Luxman M-800f amp + C-800f preamp (they do appear periodically on the used market) as well as the new Accuphase E-800 integrated amp.

I have owned an Verity (Parsifal),  I love the Verity Amadis, its one of my dream speakers. I have heard a lot of Luxman, but I believe for my tastes the Accuphase will work better with Verity. In face some day an A-48 with a Shindo Pre and Verity Amadis is my future setup. Good luck.

Thx.  The Arindals replaced Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations which I will use in a second system as I don't want to part with them.  With the closing of Verity Audio they have become that much more precious.

I think that the A-48 is the way to go with the Verity Audio Arindal.