The ONIX XCD-99 CD Player ... any new reports

With the gaggle of "under 500.00" CD players out there, the "Onix XCD-99" looks to be one of the better deals for the money. 399.00 seems very cheap to pay for a (quality) player. Is it just a "cheap" player, or is it a real "steal" (like the Onix SP-3 Tube amp)?

Well all I can comment on is the onix xcd-88. I don't have it anymore, but it was a really great cd player. The bass was a little lackluster compared to my arcam. But the mids and highs on the onix were really remarkable. I paid 220 brand new. WOW.
The Onix XCD-99 is essentially the same player as the XCD-88 with a few minor improvements. I own an XCD-88 and I am very pleased with the performance. I am a former vinyl guy who owned a Linn Sondek LP-12 Valhalla table, Linn Ittok LVII tonearm and Grado Signature cartridge. Although, the Onix XCD-88 cannot match the Linn table-tonearm combination in terms of "hi fi audio" quality, I get as much musical satisfaction from playing CDs on the Onix XCD-88. With a minor DIY op amp upgrade or a full blown modification from Underwood Hi Fi, you really can't go wrong with the price of this player for starters. If the XCD-99 is as solidly constructed as the XCD-88, and I wouldn't expect anything less, you would be very pleased with this.

Unlike Rtilbury, I prefer the Onix XCD-88 to the Arcam players I auditioned. Just my $0.02.
I hated this player. It is remarkably bass shy and horribly unnatural sounding. It started out so bad I was afraid to do the cord and chip upgrade and sent it back. Think twice before getting this. I don't know what else to get so easy to mod without voiding the warrentee?????? Horrible sounding.