Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread

Good Day

Over the last several weeks I have been receiving questions daily about the Swiss Digital Fuse Box

I have asked permission to post this thread.

Questions, needs, comments etc. – feel free to post here

I’m hopeful that by starting this thread those interested can get their questions answered.

Thanks – Mark


@agisthos I have Monoblocks like yours as well: mine are BAT VK60.

i wii receive a swissdogital fusebox for the main fuse soon. But 4 fuses are protecting the output tubes on each monoblock.  Did you put slogos in there? What kind and why directonal.


HI Mark, you are considering an OEM version of the SDFB for amplifier manufacturers? How is that coming along?

I do realise you have a lot of things on the boil. 3x different snubbers? I just ordered mine!!



Thanks for your note. Just caught this before getting ready to head out today. 

OEM Version already done - we have been contacted by at least 8 to 10 companies that have tested SDFB and LOVED the results. 

The Snubbers are Rocking - and a few mkore surprises for latter Summer 

I have a really great team and Damien will be taking over more duties soon - it's getting to be time I fade into the background a bit more each month. 

Many thanks


What would be cool for OEM, is a rectangular PCB board, with the through holes on one end for direct soldering the various IEC connectors to it. So you could just screw it directly to the backplate of a chassis, and just use 2 standoffs at the other end of the PCB.