Swans 2.6F 2.6 HT Speakers worth buying

Hi does anyone know anything about these speakers I am about to buy a pair and match them with a Mark Levinson 431 amp with the latest upgrade,AirTight hybrid pre-amp to replace a pair of Infinity RS2B speakers which I will be selling for spares your views are appreciated.
Must be the setup, I would not refer to these speakers as bright. They have enormous midrange resolving power. I believe they are the best kept secret in high end audio. Unfortunately for me mine are sitting in storage because I moved into a small apartment. I have a good basis of comparison I have owned most recently, Talon Firebirds with diamond tweeters, VMPS RM30s, and Vapor Sound Cirrus with all upgrades. All great speakers and in many ways the Swans beat them all especially with the sub switched off. The Vapors are close... Still experimenting with the Cirrus