Suggestions for replacement for my old Nuforce AVP-18 surround sound processor

Not really up on the surround sound processor market at all as I concentrate on my two channel rig.
But this is the HT system in the family room which the wife uses 96% of the time.
I bought the Nuforce AVP-18 and matching 8 channel 150w class d amp brand new a few years back and they have performed flawlessly and still do.
Running 7.1 setup and do not intend to change the speakers or power amp.
The only reason looking at upgrading the processor is that there are some newer formats it does not decode like Atmos etc. Email reply from Nuforce reveals they have no intention of ever upgrading the avp18 software any further so no further advancement can be made to it.

So whats out there?

Watch a mix of dvd/bluray from an Oppo 105d and the rest is streaming via netflix or Roku.
Tv is a 4k HD model.
Presently the Oppo is fed into the avp via HDMI and goes out to TV for picture/sound via HDMI.
All I should need are the regular RCA Analog outputs for the 7.1 to go to the power amp and two toslink inputs for a couple other devices as well as the usual HDMI IN/OUTS.

Processor only , not looking for a full on receiver.
Budget $1500 to $2000
Thank you and stay safe
Yamaha Aventage CX-A5200...You simply cannot do better than this phenomenal beast for under 2000 man.

Here's a yamaha factory refurb with warranty for under 2000
I am sure the Yamaha is a very capable machine just like the Marantz but unfortunately does not fit the WAF part of the deal right now.
Uberwaltz,  I have a NOS Integra 803.1 prepro that was their top of the line processor when I got it.  It has a TON of features, inputs, etc. and also includes the Audyssey XT32 Room Correction system.  This is a phenomenal processor and is big and heavy.  It has NEVER been used,  I opened the box simply to ensure that everything was intact.  I purchased it along with another one for use in a 2nd home we were going to buy.  The house deal fell thru and I simply put the unit in a temp/humidity controlled storage area.

The original MSRP was $2495 and I'd be willing to let it go for $1150/OBO.  I have been using its sister unit for several years now and it has worked flawlessly and sounds superb. Integra makes *very* good products and this one is built like a tank. It has a terrific UI for setup and the Audyssey works exceptionally well.  Also, it is super easy to setup.  I can do a full 8-position seating setup in about 20 minutes. 

If you'd like an absolute top of the line processor that is in flawless condition for a smokin' price, please get back to me.  Check my A'gon feedback; I am a long time member, I have a stellar rating, and I will treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve


Be aware that Integra 80.3 is 8 years old and does not support HDMI 2.0 and 4K HDR.
I do have a question for the experts

Do I truly even need a processor that supports the latest HDMI?
I mean the ONLY HDMI source is a Bluray player.
Could I just direct its HDMI out straight to the TV input and take a digital output direct to the processor instead of relying on the processor to pass both audio and video?
Would not that be just as effective?