Suggestion for daily email

I have been thinking high-end audio was dying out by the parcity of entries in the daily Audiogon email.  Was "The Scoop" really such a puny shovel-full?  Do only a smidgen of topics rise to the level of popular?  What happened to that thread I posted to?  

I am grateful for the daily update, but I've simply been missing the bulk of discussions.  Yes, it's my fault, and perhaps I'm dim-witted, and yes,  I could get to the full forum with four or five clicks... but "popular" and "top" are subjective and often obscure what the individual subscriber is interested in.

To cut to the chase, the "Daily" email could remain concise with blurry categories,  but more thoroughly capture the day if it had links to:

Last 24 hours of forum activity
New Today (new items up for sale)
Audiogon homepage

Hopefully constructive and not whiny.