Stylus Cleaner: RRL 9 vs. Audiotop

I have not used a liquid stylus cleaner in the past, just a zerodust and magic eraser. I am intrigued, however, by some of the reviews i have read about the RRL #9 stylus cleaner. Any first-hand experiences would be appreciated -- particularly direct comparisons with its pricier competition made by Audiotop. Thanks.
Never tried Audiotop but we were #9 users before discovering the Magic Eraser as stylus cleaner.

Properly and regularly used, the ME works better.
I'm not experienced with Audiotop. I've used Onzow, Magic Eraser and RRL #9. I like Onzow for a between sides cleaning, but in my experience RRL #9 leaves the diamond pristine - a condition I don't always achieve with other methods. It's a keeper at my place.