Stream Apple Music at 192khz through C49 DAC

I'm trying to stream apple music from my IPhone to my Mcintosh C49 DAC using a direct connect from my Iphone to the DAC with a USB C cable. The DAC is showing only 44.1 Khz. I have set the IPhone to lossless 192Khz and the icon on the chosen album shows High Resolution lossless. Do I need the Apple lightning adapter to get the full 192Khz? Or is there something else that needs to be done. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ditch the iPhone as a source, your MAC/DAC deserves better. Get a Martin Logan Unison streamer with ARC room correction for $199 on sale. It has airplay. Use the iPhone as a controller streaming via airplay to the Unison. Run ARC room correction while connected to your DAC and you will be very happy.

I have this same setup with my Sony DAC and it wows. You can also use it with a sub if you have one.

You would probably fare better on an Apple forum.  … condo +1 .. no 192kHz

The Martin Logan Unison streams hirez but you may need to install the playfi app on your iphone to get hirez

Thanks for all the responses. I found out that not all Hi Res lossless on Apple Music is at 192 khz. Some are at 92 khz some are at 48 khz and reular lossless is 44 Khz. The DAC on the MAC shows the khz. I found a few Eagles albums and Pink Floyd at 192 khz. Is it worth getting a streamer? Right now I go directly into the DAC via USB-C. Is the sound difference worth the purchase?