Stout Silver Interconnects

Has anyone out there used Stout Silver Interconnects? I'm looking to purchase some Y interconnects and these appear very reasonably priced.

can't say i've ever heard of them. if the price is right, i say give them a call. hopefully then spend more time and care in the construction of their cables than they do their website.
I'm using them in my entire system. The cables are well constructed and sound great. Give it a try! They do have a money back guarantee, so you really cant go wrong.
I am curious about your new interconnects. I am using acoustic zen Matrix ll on the amp/preamp-but I need silver for the source to pre-amp. I am using DH labs, have used some solid silver interconnects also. I am saving for AZ silver reference, but 500 plus is a lot of cash for me right now............I would gladly post my impressions.............


Audio Horizons Transparency interconnects will be a huge upgrade for your cdp. All for a measly $259.00 By the way, I had the AZ Silver Reference in my system and sold them shortly thereafter. Yes, they were fully broken in. The Transparent cables are in to stay. They also offer a free in-home trial and money-back guarantee, but I'll bet that you keep them. Happy Listening.
You are absolutely correct, they are fine interconnects. Since the owner lives in my neighborhood, he stopped by and let me use his Transparency IC's, his fantastic power cord and his new just introduced IC. The power cord is very natural sounding, with a very low noise floor. I will buy one ....His transparency is very nice, but his new IC is to die for. I need the thicker & newer IC to fill up the huge midrange my speakers put out. They are more expensive (new IC's), but they sound wonderful with the Zen Matrix Ref 2. The free trial for these excellent products makes Audio Horizons a real smart choice! truly great tip, that will cost me $600, and I know this is a bargain, thnks!!!
When I used the Audio Horizons Power Cord, the transparency interconnects worked just fine. The new IC (not being manufactured yet) was needed more when I used my old power cords W & M. These are very neutral power cords, and by far the best I have ever not heard......So I ended up with 2 power cords, 1 IC-and a new audiophile friend that knows a hell of a lot more than I do...Next, we are going to re-wire and cryo my power strip......A big upgrade for about 850$