Stealth Varidig Sextet Break In Period?

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How long does it normally take a Stealth Varidig Sextet to break in if I'm running the CD on repeat mode 24 hours a day?
Rja, my post wasn't directed at you personally so please don't take it that way, I'm just like you trying to get the best out of our systems. My XLR conectors are the same as yours, what is your other associated gear, speakers etc.

Refering to the break-in time of Sextet and only minor changes from brand new makes me think that the system isn't very revelling or maybe somthing else is going on.

Teajay was the most accurate saying 30 to 50 hours of playing and blossomed, "blossomed" being a key word. I'm sure he noticed differences even from the 30 to 50 hours.

I have noticed a difference even at 60 hours, now we are talking about mind boggeling differences, minor but still changes. My system is very reveiling and I constaintly familarize my self with specific songs in which I listen to to evaluate.

For example; if you are familar with a piece of music that has a piano that is set-up two feet behind one of your speakers and on a angle, you know it's on a angle because of the sound being produced. (I have heard many times a piano being performed and the different sounds heard from different angles) Now you have heard this and then you make a change in your system and it either dissapears or really isn't just there clearly any more.

Something is going on, when I put the Sextet cable in this piano I refer to was there but not really convincing, foggy and the piano notes not sounding proper. It got much better as time went on and I noticed up to 60 hours it is now there, very holographic, three dimentional. The feeling is that the piano is set up right in your room on a angle now. I have noticed changes still on piano notes, hammers hitting, ringing afterwards as it would happen in real life. Not so much on image, the immage now seems to be consistent.

Hey when is Krell-man going to come back with his thoughts, I agree putting the VD up for sale says something.
Thanks for your response. No, I wasn't taking anything personally. Obviously, we have had differences with our Sextet break-in experience. I can't offer any explanation for this but I truly believe that both our opinions are valid. As I said, we are probably experiencing uncountable variables.

Regardless of our break-in experience though I think we can agree that the Sextet is an excellent digital cable. So far, the best I've had in my system.

Hopefully I'll receive the VD Revelation Signature some time next week from Virtual Dynamics. Comparing the two will be interesting if nothing else. I requested that they cook the cable for as long as possible and Rick e-mailed me to say that the cable was indeed on the cooker. From my experience the VD cables take a long, long time to do their thing so any help they can give in this regard is appreciated.

I'm using the cable as the data link between a Wadia 27i and 270SE both with GNSC Reference mods. The clock link is through an Aural Symphonics AT&T Optimism V2. I've experimented with quite a few connections with these units; RCA, BNC, XLR and AT&T and found I prefer the XLR balanced connection for the data link. At one time I had 2 AT&T glass cables which is Wadias recommendation but I just couldn't handle the sound.
Any update on this thread?

I am considering a Stealth Varidig Sextet. Anyone have final notes on the comparison with the VD cable.
I sold the balanced Sextet and went with the balanced Virtual Dynamics Revelaion signature (1.5m). Depending on ones system I could see choosing either one of these cables. In my system the VD won out. I have never heard the VD Genesis, which I assume would beat the VD Rev. Sig. but I couldn't afford it anyway. I don't think you could go wrong with the Stealth.