Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!

I just received this item that I purchased from Stack Audio after being impressed with the AUVA 100 Speaker footers.

For any of the Audio Streamers out there, my initial comment as to this item: The SmoothLAN Network Filter is WOW!

From first plug in, the soundstage deepened and widened immensely. How the heck this occurs is nothing short of amazing. I have tried many of the major brand ethernet filters, and some of them, maybe, did something. But not enough to keep them. I either sent them back or sold them. I did however keep an iFi Silencer unit.

My digital streaming consists of an EtherRegen sending out the signal via Fiber to my Lumin X1. I have the Stack Audio device going into the EtherRegen from the Modem.

And, since I have my Apple TV coming out of the EtherRegen it will be interesting to see if the Video improves.

Check out the review in EAR.

Stack Audio Smooth-LAN For Clean Streaming | The Ear (



The only video streaming service that benefits from 100+ Mbps is Sony Bravia. All the big streaming services compress their 4k streams down to 15-25Mbps. 

My understanding is that uncompressed 4k blu ray rips require 80-120Mbps. So, unless you're ripping your own video content to stream locally, using kaleidescape, or Bravia, then 100Mpbs is sufficient for now. Here's to hoping that lossless video content becomes more common. 

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I have the Stack product and I have it between switch and Aurender. I have not tried it anywhere else, but like Ozzy, it made a very nice improvement in my system. Everything I have tried from Stack has been excellent. Josh is a good guy and very nice to work with. I have been tempted to get a second one to go from switch to wall but so far I can’t see that there would be a lot more benefit than what I already am doing. Has anyone seen a big benefit to having 2 of these as described above?


noooooo, don't suggest daisy chaining them. I may just be tempted...