Spendor A2 vs A4

Hi all,

Looking for insight into which of these will match best to my room.  Dimensions are approx. 18 length x 12 width x 7 height - so around 1500 cubic feet.  Typical material is folk, indie, and jazz, with a good splash of orchestral mixed in.  I use a Hegel H90 amp (60 watts class AB with unusually high damping factor). 
I heard and loved the A4s in a medium-size room at a dealer - I actually preferred them to the A7 in that space - but haven’t heard the A2.  In that listening session my only gripe with the A4 was slightly uncontrolled/boomy bass.  That concern is what leads me to ask whether the A2 might be a better bet in my space. 
I’d greatly appreciate opinions from people who have heard or owned both speakers.  Please no suggestions for other brands - it’s down to these two. 
Many thanks!
I own A7's in a 23 x 13 x 8 room. I would think that the A2's are too small in that room. (Aside: I am upgrading to D7.2's this fall).

My only other comment is that I am surprised you got boomy bass from a combo of the A4's and Hegel H90. I have also owned Hegel and their overly damped design seems like the last thing I would pair with Spendors. I am not a fan of Hegel amps in general but I would think that they are best paired with speakers with innately poor bass control.
Thanks. I haven’t yet heard Spendors with the Hegel.  The Hegel is what I have at home; the boomy bass I heard on the A4 was during a listening session at a dealer.  When they switched out the A4 for the A7, the bass quality improved significantly but I preferred the A4 overall for what - to my ears - was a smoother and more natural presentation.

Interested in other opinions on A2 vs A4 in an 18 x 12 x 7 space. 

I recommend getting the ISO acoustics Gaia iii . They help with the base on my A7 tremendously