I am planning to upgrade my speaker cable and interconnect to the HIJIRI cables but budget is a constraint I can do one cable at a time.

So my friends which cable should be my first purchase the speaker cable or the interconnect.



@jl35 yes i paid for the return shipping, he tried to charge me for the shipping to me and a fee, I was mistaken in what I said above. The issue surrounded the charge for shipping back and a fee which was predicated on the fact the unit did not work in my system and it was a result of the Konus design, not my Turntable. 


Again, he didn't do the right thing, why should I have to pay for a unit he was unable to troubleshoot and didn't work with my system when 5 other phono stages worked flawlessly. If you sent a phono stage that didn't work with my Turntable it's on the dealer to know that, he didn't. And if he doesn't know it and can't fix it you don't charge the customer for something you're gear is the cause of. 

Then he sung the praises of a Tron phono as the second coming of Christ and when I listened to it is was average and bested by a Lejonklou at half the price by a large margin. 


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No this is a disagreement in principle that he sent me a unit that was either defective or incompatible with my TT and then blamed my TT and became difficult when I decided I want to return it. 

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That is not true...My first post details the issue and how he gave me a hard time about the unit sent. The amount of the shipping wasn’t the primary issue, it was the way he handled the situation and wanted to charge me for a unit that didn’t work and he couldn’t solve the issue.

I paid return shipping, then asked him nicely not to impose anymore charges, and he did anyway. All in, I lost over $60 on a unit that he sent that was either defective or flawed in it’s design in how it worked with the ground on my TT.

Im not asking you to absorb this entire post here, since Facten derailed it, but the crux of the issue is his handling of the problem, then how I was treated and made to feel like it was my fault because I owned a Rega P10, which was beneath him and what he sells. And yes he tried to upsell me into a TT he sells to replace the P10.