Sonus Faber Center - Domus or Liuto Smart?

I currently have a pair of SF Concerto Home Monitors as my main with 4 SF Walls for surround. I would normally try to match the SF Piccolo Center with this set up but these are hard to find. I have the chance to buy either the Domus Center or the Liuto Smart; which is a better match?

I assume both would be acceptable but which would you pick?

It is likely not a factor but my concertos and walls are all 6 ohms; the Domus center is 4 ohms and the Smart is 8 ohms. The Domus has a mid and is larger. I have not heard either center.

I have mainly listen to a wide variety of music but want to start using the system for movies and want clear dialogue.

Thanks for your help!
The Piccolo Solo or the larger Solo would be the first choice, although very hard to find, as you say. I would recommend against the Home Piccolo Solo (the one with the tweeter on top). It just did not seem to have the guts to match Concertos, originals or Home. I have not heard the Domus or the Liuto unfortunately. I use a Thiel SCS4 with my Cremona. It is a good match with the original Cremona, although it is not much easier to find as a single than the Solos.

I never liked the Domus line much. I thought the just lost the appeal of the older models. The Liuto seemed to regain some of the richness of the older models. So I would lean towards the Liuto Smart, but again I have not heard either center.

I have Concertino's as surround speakers with the Cremona and also GP homes in the living room and original Concerto's in my bedroom. I will not part with them. Actually, my wife will not part with them.

Unfortuntely, SF just ntroduced the Olympia line, which seems to replace Cremona. discontinued the Cremona line. I have not heard them, but it is sad to see the Cremona go away.
Thank you for sharing your experiences; and what a marvelous collection you have. The smart is not much more than the Domus so if I cannot find the Piccolo, I'll go that direction. Thanks again.