Solidstate substitute for Bat Vk75se?

I run my bat 8 to 12 hrs. a day and am looking
for a solid state to run most of the time(keeping the
bat for special listening sessions). I've auditioned
the following;Pass lab 150 and 250,Bat Vk6200,Classe 200
monos,Krell 200c,Bat 200,Arcam 85,Bel Canto, and the
Mac 350. Surprisingly the Bel Canto has been my favorite,
but still not there. I'm interested in the Jeff Roland
product and the new PS Audio Cassic 250 they are releasing
soon. Any input on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks Randy

It appears your price range is from 3K to 6K. I now own a pair of VK-60 monoblocks which replaced my Mark Levinson 334. I felt the 334 was a very competent SS amplifier IMO with great bass, uncolored mids, smooth treble and effortless dynamics (given its 125W power rating). Possible candidates I would suggest are:

Mark Levinson 300 series
Theta Dreadnaught I or II
Classe 350 monoblocks (used)
Proceed HPA2

Good luck and have fun in your search.
I've been looking for a solid state amp that has the smoothness of a tube yet still retains the detail, speed and bass that some of the better SS amps. In order I like the Gamut D200, then significantly back the Plinius 250 mk III, followed by the Levinson 33x amps. None of them impressed my enough to part with my cash for.
I also heard the Rowland Model 10 (I think- it's the separate power supply 100 watt model) with some Revel Salons that did not impress me at all - the best words I can think of are "clinical, cold, and technical". The salesman thought this was audio nirvana which proves one of two things - audio sounds different to everyone or don't believe anything a salesman says (maybe both are true).
One other note if you are looking for a really kickbutt CD player I highly recommend auditioning the new one from Gamut.
Oh and Saxman why not just wear out your BAT amp and then retube it - it'll be a lot cheaper than a new SS amp and much more importantly you'll enjoy it more.
Out of the amps you mentioned, Saxman, I'm with you in that I'm surprised you prefer the Bel Canto. I've tried the Bel Campo, Krell, and others, and I strongly prefer the perfect clarity of the Pass Labs X-150. It is the only solid state I've ever heard to seduce me away from tubes. For me, the Pass amp has all of which I liked about tubes (liquid clarity), with none of the downside (euphonics and over sweetness.) I keep tubes in line though, with a tubed cd player. You don't mention what pre you are using. That would make or break any listening to amps.
It is so hard to audition amps without my own front
end. I did like the clarity of the Pass Lab,but seemed
alittle metallic in the mids(maybe it was the components in
front). My current system is as
follows;Bat VK75se
Bat Vk DK5se(24 bit)
Bat VK 50se
Nordost SPM speaker cables
JM Lab 936 speakers
Rel storm 111 sub
I'm going back to the shop with Pass lab for another
audition. I've rolled my tubes and am very happy,but
haven't had much luck finding duplicates.
Not sure how you're hooking up, but my X150 definitely sounds better with balanced interconnects in my setup. Just something to consider.
Mrowlands reminded me, I too found a decided improvement using the Pass amp balanced. From what I understand, the Pass X series don't fully utilize their super symmetry circuitry unbalanced. I'm using the Aleph P which I found an improvement over a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 tube pre I was using. My Pass duo is hooked up to Apogee Duetta Signatures (full range ribbon). A humble Jolida JD 100 tube outstage cd player, and a venerable AR turntable are affordable wonders as front ends.

We had a cd player party at my place recently, and everyone could clearly hear all the differences between the players. The Pass will passively pass on whatever you prefer in sound.(geesh)
Add the new JC-1 by Parasound to your list of things to listen to....Specs are very good at 400w/130a current/damping >1,000/122dB S/N/50K input impedance....Big monos....If you don't like the sound then I am the guy to blame as they hired me to choose the parts and voice the units....Parasound hired CTC to design the new amp and I'm pleased with the unit....This is not your father's Parasound.....Try a set as being shipped to dealers this week....
If you're looking for solid state the Spectral amps should
be on your short list.

The small DMA-80-100 amps are an excellent value.
If you are looking for something precise and extraordinary that performs really great, BVaudio would be a good pick for less, compared to those components you were auditioning. Give it a try, best value for money.
I listened to some of the amps on your list and bought the Bryston 14B SST.. You may want to listen to the amp. I love the depth of the sound stage, the tight accurate base and smooth midrange. The power of this amp gives an incredible amount of detail and depth at low listening levels. This is my first Bryston and the rap about harshness in previous models is nowhere to be found. I married it with a tube CJ 16LS pre and am in Audio heaven...for now. Looking for a new CDP to round things out and I can start concentrating on college educations for two teens again.........