Shout out for Vlad @ Audio Mirror

I purchased a pair of earlier AM monoblocks using the 6AS7 output tubes.  I wanted the input sensitivity tweaked so I had the seller send them directly to Vlad.    Not only did he do this for free but he also upgraded the chokes and some caps in the power supply for free. He only charged me for a couple of bias resistors and the shipping. This is outstanding customer service IMHO. So, shout out to Vlad for being one of the good guys.


vlad is a prince... one of the nicest most sincere people in the business

i have his 6c33c mono amps as well, love them, he upgraded them from the prior gen for me at a very reasonable cost, then i received one damaged from him in shipping, he then fixed it, made it right at no additional cost

i have since sold his tubador dac, as i have found others dacs a bit better suited to my system, but his mono amps are keepers... just beautiful looking and sounding, and enough real world power for most normal sensitivity speakers...

I don't know your Vlad, seems a great person to know.

I thought you were talking about Vlad in Canada, I bought a few things, excellent experience, superior packaging.