Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?

Anyone out there have a reputable guy who knows the nuances of carts in the $2000+ range? So many opinions.....

current set up 

VPI Super Prime Scot / 10.5 arm

Hana ML

Harbeth 40.3XD 

What's going to drastically improve my sound / detail....mostly listen to Hard Rock, Zeppelin etc....





As mentioned, a phono stage is missing from your component list. That makes a big difference in detail/resolution.  

Your Harbeth's make everything sound good, so I'd look for a cartridge that was more dynamic with excellent detail.  The Miyajima Shilabe would be a hopping dynamic cartridge that should be great with rock and jazz albums.  It also has a potent bass sound.  Lists about $2750 or so.  Could get it for well under $2000 if you go used or they have a good sale on.  It's the kind of cartridge that keeps your feet moving.  It tracks about 3.2 but supposedly doesn't add more wear to records than ones that track at much less than that.



So far the best cart for VPI me try is dynavector. Try 20x2L or better the XX2