Secret Garden

Category: Music

If you're looking for relaxing, soothing music, check out the group Secret Garden. They're this eclectic new age group with a bit of a celtic twist. They also have a new CD coming out next month, which I had the opportunity to hear while working as a Universal intern -- it's even better than the "Dawn of a New Century" album. I think the new one is called "Earthsongs," but I'm not sure. No matter, it was great! Anyone else have any positive experiences with this musical group before?
Hi, I have listened much to their music. The group is Norwegian (as me!), but violinist Fionnuala Sherry is from Ireland. And the group is obviously influenced by Irish folk music.
I haven't heard their last CD ("Earthsongs", yes, that's right), but I know it has got good critics.
In my opinion, their best CD's are "Fairytales - Highlights of Secret Garden" and "Once in a Red Moon" (featuring Brian Kennedy on "You raised me up"). They also made a "Best of...."-CD in 2004. Reading the track list, this is also a very good one!

Enjoy! :-)
Thanks for the info -- I didn't know that had a Best of CD out as well. I haven't listen to all of their CDs yet, so that would probably be a good sampler for me.