Seattle, WA

I'd be interested in an audiophile/videophile club in the N.Seattle area...anyone know of any, anyone want to start one?
The Pacific Northwest Audio Society meets the first Thursday of every month on Mercer Island. I went to a meeting one time - the combination of church basement, folding chairs, coffee, and sketchy individuals looked exactly like AA. Or maybe that was an AA meeting.
There is an Audio society in Seattle. It the PNAS, Pacific Northwest Audio Society. They meet once a month every second Thursday on Mercer Island. I don't have the address but I'll post it when I find it.
Just went to my 1st meeting, the address is 4545 Island Crest Way, just a few minutes south of I-90 on Mercer Island,,,yes,, in a church basement.

I can't dissagree more with Octopus's assessment of this club, extremely welcoming, intellectual and engaging group with alot of great ideas and music to share, in a totally non-pretentious atmosphere.

If you have never been to a meeting of this type, I highly recommend it to all,,, unless you are as pretentious as octopus.

Regards and thanks to all my newfound audio friends.
A sense of humor cannot be purchased,if you read your initial comment, that should be plainly obvious ;-)