Scrap my Anthem AVM-2? How improved is AVM-30

I need a new stereo pre-amp (sold my Classe pre thinking of going to 1 system but am not satisfied). Nothing I've seen is beating the quality of my AVM-2. The AVM-2 has 2 channel bypass, is quite clean sounding, nice tuner and remote. All it lacks is phono and I know that I can get a nice phono stage for not too much.

Do I get a new Theater pre/pro/tuner and move the AVM-2 to my stereo room or do I just find a nice pre-amp for stereo. Are the newer Anthems that much better? All this is lacking for me is DPL IIx. Is video and/or audio improved greatly in the newer models?

A good pre-amp is going to run me in the $800 to $1200 range for my needs. A used Anthem AVM-30, Sunfire, Adcom, B&K or similar will cost me almost double that.

I am not into HDMI yet. My NEC projector was too expensive to replace at this time.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.
Hi, move your pre-amp to another room, and
buy the NEW AVM-40, It has HDMI!
OR buy the Lexicon MC-12B HD!

You got to be kidding me?????

A used ADCOM GFP-750?!?!?!?!?!!!!

For $1,600.00 ?!?!?!?!?!?????

I've bought mine brand new for about $1,400.00 almost a decade ago. Surely, you should be able to snap up a used one for about $600.00 to $850.00. The Adcom GFP-750 is a VERY NICE Stereo Preamp with a Home Theater Bypass (should you ever need to have that capability).

If there is otherwise nothing wrong with your Anthem AVM-2 other than the lack of D/P-LII and HDMI connectivity, and you have been satisfied with its performance and sound quality in the past, then I would just go ahead and hold on to it and get a used high-end stereo preamp such as the Adcom that I've just mentioned.

And then afterwards, you can just get a decent Phono Stage for just a few hundred dollars (one of the used Creeks should do it for you, unless of course, your ears and tastes are more jaded for than what a used Creek can provide for you).

Just my $.02 worth.......