Scranton, PA

Anyone in Northeastern/Scranton, PA interested in getting an audio club going? I am located near Scranton and would like to meet other audiophiles nearby.
Please contact me through the Audiogon website.
Hi Skipper -
More for moral support than practical reasons, just wanted to say hello from State College, PA. Too far west for you I'm thinking. Good luck getting things going up Scranton way.
Hi GH,
I have a special affection for SC. My wife is a PSU Alum and we are huge football fans since the whole family went there. Just putting out the feelers to see if there is any interest. Do you guys have any clubs, etc down your way?
Skipper320 -
We've been out here 4 years. Still getting to know the area. I actually can't tell you if there are any SC audio clubs. Good luck making contacts up Scranton way.
Skipper, I know that Allentown is still a good drive away for you, but in Macungie outside of Allentown is Barry Konigsberg, owner of local audio retailer Transparent Music Systems. Barry is a regular participant in the Philadephia Area Audio Group and invites the group to his place each year.

Also, the group periodically gets up to Rogue Audio up in your area where Mark O'Brien has been kind enough to host a meeting.

So, here are two people up in NE PA you might contact to see who they can connect you with in that area.
hi from scranton,how is the club going.if you need any help for a place let me know.i have a small used stereo store and would be happy to host a gathering.