SACD/DVD A and question on receiver


I have a Vandy HT system, Hsu VTF 2 sub. (2Ce, VCC-1, VSM-1) with Toshiba DVD as source, and Arcam AVR 200 receiver.

I recently listened to SACD (albeit on a top of the line 2 channel system B&W) and the difference was noticeable and significant, so thinking of getting a universal player.

My question is

1. Should I try to get a Pioneer Elite system with iLink to pass through the signal digitally and have the autiomatic set up.

2. Use my Arcam or an upgraded Arcam and have the player do bass management and pass only analog input to my Arcam.


Good player into analog input of Arcam then possible upgrade after living with the new set-up for a while. Separates are the ideal. Receivers, even $$$ ones, are a compromise. Receivers have low resale values. Leaving yourself a path to real improvement is more logical and you will waste less money on electronics that will become antiquated before they leave the box.

Good luck!