RSX Technologies (Roger Skoff)

I have used XLO cables in the past, years ago, before Roger sold the company.

Now he has a new company, currently offering only power cords and phono cables.

Anyone here tried them?
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I have. Overpriced and overhyped power cables. The one RSX Prime cable I bought of theirs from the Cable Company: simply a nightmare from placing the order, where they got the order wrong, to having to return the cable because of a defective connector. This has been a 2 months’ issue, and I’m still waiting to hear what RSX is doing to rectify the issue. I don’t recommend this cable line to anyone! Also little status updates from the Cable Company. Disappointing! Not what you expect for the prices you pay for these cables.

My impression of the RSX line is that they may be potential sonic bargains given Roger’s background. Seems like he is trying to offer high value with high performance this time around vs the seemingly more expensive XLO cables.

Thank You for the updates- Gentlemen.

I have found this company odd as only Phono cables and Power Cords being sold?


Happy Listening!