Rockna Wavedream stack vs Esoteric N-01XD


I was looking for fellow members who have had experience with these units and have done a direct A/B comparison. I am currently Using a Rockna WavedreamNet with the wavelight Dac and was wondering if the move to Esoteric is more of a sideways move or would it be more to my liking and worthwhile.

I currently listen to mostly classic rock, hard rock, blues, top. 40 pop, some classical and jazz. I like musical sounding toe tapping gear with a more anti-fatiguing presentation. I enjoy a lot of detail but not the in your face hyper type. Also 3-D soundstage, deep accurate bass and separation are a must. Let's not forget P.R.A.T !

My Current set up: Ethernet Regen - AfterDark clock and Power supply - Rockna WavedreamNet+Wavelight - ASR Emitter II Exclusive - Paradigm 9H.

All thoughts and replies are appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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