RIP oregonpapa

Today, oregonpapa (Frank) passed away. He will be greatly missed by many of us on Audiogon. I got to know him about a year ago personally, having had many phone calls with him over that time. He was a delightfully kind man, who freely shared his wisdom with others. Bedsides high end audio, , Frank was very knowlegable about world history and politics. Good bye my friend. Jeff


            A great wit and pair of ears!


            YES: he'll be greatly missed.


                         RIP, Frank

(I'll bet everything's much more transparent, up there)


I made a donation as suggested by the family today, but they did not share their names and emails, so the site won't notify them of how we are honoring Frank's memory.

You and your kind spirit will be greatly missed 😞..... RIP Papa.

Condolences to family, friends and all who have loved you......



Dear mribob,

Franks family (Dana and Stephanie) are both overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank You for honoring Frank. The Charity (Meals on Wheels) does know how to notify Dana and Stephanie and they are both grateful.