Review: VPI Industries Scoutmaster with Signature arm Turntable

Category: Analog

I have been in and out of vinyl for years and finally decided to get serious with it. I purchased a Music Hall MMF-7 table and then later on a Clearaudio Gamma-S cartridge. This was a very nice sounding rig and I was quite happy but as hits all of us audio addicts I just had to upgrade. I came across a great deal here on audiogon for a Scoutmaster table with the upgraded signature arm and a brand new Dynavector Karat cartridge. It was a local sale which made it even better (thanks slipknot). I sold the mmf-7 in 30 minutes on audiogon and then got to work setting this baby up. First off this has major heft compared to the MMF. It is a very impressive table in quality and the arm is quite interesting. I am not used to a unilever arm where it just floats on a metal point. Now for the sound, just amazing. I now know what the buzz is all about in high end vinyl playback. The music has such feel and warmth to it. I listen to only classic jazz and the table along with my Clearaudio cartridge really make these records sing. I am in vinyl heaven and spending a small fortune on records. If you are thinking about getting a table in this price range I heartily recommend this or a regular Scout. I rarely say this but I don't feel any need to upgrade this unit.

Associated gear
Magnepan 3.5R's
ARC PH-1 Phono amp
ARC LS-3 preamp
McCormack DNA-1 amp
Meridian 508-20CD Player
MSD Goldlink DAC and power base
Signal cables
Monster power center
Thanks for your review, I've had my eye on a Scountmaster. My Ariston 11s of 27 years is getting a bit 'long in the tooth',(similar to an old Linn LP12).
How hard is the Scoutmaster to set-up?
I found it fairly stright forward to set up. I have invested in HAB strope disc to help fine tune it and also just got the SDS power conditioner which was a very nice and worthwhile upgrade.