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Budget esoterica review magazine
September 2011 issue

Hello and welcome to another thrilling edition of budget esoterica review magazine. The expert team at budget esoterica review magazine have been searching the internet aisles for products that meet our demanding guidelines for what we feel are stylish and good performing audio products.

The neon green interconnect sold by stereo dave's audio alternative is one such product. They can be purchased for under $40 on stereo dave's website. Construction quality seems to be very good and they come in a very attractive neon green jacket. I would like to go ahead and give you my listening impressions based on four cd's that i picked from my extensive cd collection.

Flim and the BB's neon is an excellent recording that can sound magical on high quality systems. I chose the track titled "toy chest" to put the neon greens to the test. I heard light to moderate depth with natural sounding sound effects and a slight analog character. The snare drums were clean and had slight crispness to them. I noticed good detail and resolution and there was a slight golden hue to the percussion. There was good transition of imaging from left to right speaker and the overall sound was clean and slightly polished.

If you don't own boz scaggs cd titled fade into light, i suggest you purchase it. The music is excellent and the quality of the recording is excellent also. My favorite song on this cd is track number 7, "harbor lights". The pure mid range on this track is simply stunning. The piano is solid and slightly rich. The highs are metallic with a slight golden hue. I also noted excellent vocal clarity from boz scaggs and the back up singers had nice presence. There was very good fluidity and pace and timing were very good. There was also a sense of refinement and a tube like quality to the sound.

If you like sonny rollins , check out the cd titled "the impulse story". I chose track number 7, "east broadway run down". I heard slightly rounded horns and freddie hubbard's trumpet seems to almost jump out of the speaker. During the bass solo you can hear minute details , including people talking in the background. I noted good re-verb to the bass and also a slight golden hued brassiness to the horns. The drums have a "hall sound".

The last cd i picked was by jon anderson titled, "toltec".
This particular cd needs to be played on a good system or it will sound poor. I listened to track number 8, "building bridges". I noticed a crispy crunchy sound with neutral vocals and a wide sound stage. There was slight depth and an airy and open sound stage. The bass is light , but it is well defined. The sound stage coherence is good and there is a good separation of instruments.

Neon green summation: pros and cons.

good presence
light brassy sound with a hint of golden hue
good transparency
cool color jacket
slight polished sound
reasonably neutral
slightly lit up
good vocal articulation and clarity
nice tonal color
good separation
open sound
delicate highs


bass shy
not as beefy sounding as your dad's high end ic's

The neon green is a very nice entry level interconnect. I like it because it is fairly neutral, has a very good mid range, and i like the slight golden polished hue. Give it a try you might like it also. Happy listening!

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