Review: Monster Cable Monster Power Home Theater Power Source 7000 AC filter

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I use 2 AC PCs in my combined HT and Music system - The HTPS 7000 by Monster Cable's Power Division and a Power Wegde 113A.
Both units feature Balanced AC power - The HTPS7000 has a total of 4 isolated Balanced AC outlets and my customed configured Power Wedge Ultra has only ONE, but capable of supporting a higher current component like a Rear Projection TV.

There is a very positive review of the HTPS 7000 in an issue of Widescreen Review - This product offers the most features and high quality component AC power conditioning for the $$$. I have to agree. Although the reviewer did not read the instructions carefully enough to plug the right components in to the appropriatly labled outlets on the Monster HTPS7000 (he ended up shorting out a fuse because he plugged a high current component into one of the balanced AC outlets), he did not major improvements accross the board. Even the video display was noticably better when plugged into the HTPS 7000 over plugging it in directly to the wall.

I tried comparing video on the HTPS 7000, which is a NON Balanced AC outlet to the higher current capable balanced AC outlet on my Power Wedge 113A - the balanced AC on the PW113A was definitely better than the Monster HTPS7000, which again, cannot provide balanced AC to the video display. Images were much more "3D" like with the PW.

The HTPS 7000 replaced an HTS5100. First thing - the ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS on the 7000 are noticable BETTER than the former Top of Line PLC 5100 and 5000. I used my Panasonic DVDH1000 for audio and for movies on a non-balanced outlet on the HTPS7000 and the noise floor was lower, which equalled better imaging and focus. Video was difficult to tell.
After plugging the Panasonic into one of the BALANCED AC outlets, the difference was DRAMATIC to say the least. The noise floor, which I thought was already quite low, was so dead that it was almost "unnatural" - simply amazing - it's as though there were 10 layers of foam in front of my speakers that have been taken away - More Dynamics, Imaging, Soundstage, focus and depth. Video was a bit better, but not as dramatic as sound.
Using the Sony CDCX450 cd changer as a transport, I was amazed to find the difference even more apparent. Perhaps this is because the Panasonic H1000 has a "virtual" battery power system, which provides its own power conditioning, but with the SONY, the difference with balanced AC was nothing short of amazing - it's as though I had upgraded my player.

I highly recommed Balanced AC to anyone who is consideriding spending $700+ on a PLC. I didn't noticed the dramatic effects of Balanced AC before the HTPS7000 because I had always had only ONE Balance AC outlet for my display. The HTPS 7000 represents THE BEST value on the market so far when it comes to an all inclused Surge Protector, PLC and component AC isolation and digital filtration device and an excellent value for balanced AC. I believe that Widescreen Review compared the HTPS 7000 to the closes product on the market, which costs 3-4 more and offers less features. Performance was better on the more expensive unit, but definitely not 2 times better, let alone 3-4 times judging on price.

Associated gear
Denon AVR 5803 (Preamp section only)
Panasonic DVDH1000
Sony CDCX450 - 400 Disc CD Jukebox

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I agree. I own one and simply plugging in my amps through the most monstrous soundstage I have herd in my room. I love the way there are separate filters for different components.
Simply a well engineered, extra high value product. It does a very good job through its balanced inputs for low current demand upstream components like preamps, CD, DAC, DVD. This is an upgrade that will not be hard to notice the sonic improvements (Joe 6-pack with a mp3 file mentality should be able to tell immediate differences). But all this is relative including the strengths of your internal supplies of your associated equipment and the quality of your electricity. That last variable is almost not a variable. It is pretty corrupted everywhere.