Review : Modified Dayton B652 speaker / Aiyima Tweeter, Tertullus pc, Amazon Basics IC

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine 

March 2023 Issue


Dayton B652 speaker modification 

Today i will be reviewing the Aiyima 10 watt tweeter, as well as 2 high value low price cables. The Aiyima is basically a drop-in replacement upgrade for the stock tweeter in the Dayton B652 speaker. All you have to do is bend the speaker terminals so they will fit inside the cabinet. The Dayton Audio B652 tweeter upgrade together with the Tertullus power cord and Amazon Basics analog interconnect should show you if the amp you are using is of good quality. If you use this system with your amp you should notice solid smooth and clean highs as well as a slight crisp sound. If you do, then you have a good amp on your hands. 

The Aiyima tweeter is available on AliExpress website from the AiyimaAudio store. I did not see a model number , but it is currently listed for $9.22 a pair with free shipping. The specifications state that they handle 25 watts so you are not going to want to play them too loud. Reviews on the website were very positive. 

The Tertullus power cord is currently available on for under $50. This is a high value very well built power cord that performs well above its price tag. Made from 5N OFC cable , The Tertullus is terminated with beautiful carbon fiber plugs that gives the appearance of a luxury power cord. 

Another high value cable is the Amazon Basics analog stereo interconnect. I really like the connectors on this cable. They are better than most on cables of this price. A fairly thick but very bendable cable that inspires confidence.

" I hear a symphony", from the Charlie Apicella and Iron City Big Boss cd had a slightly open and lively sound with good tone. Dynamics were pretty good. I think the Dayton B652 speakers make a good "Frankenstein" speaker because of the high quality woofers that are used. The following track, "Idris" had a very tight bass that was reinforced by a placement of 26 inches from the back wall and placed on Atacama 24 inch speaker stands. Highs were solid with a slight golden sheen. Track number 3, "In The Grass" , was just  as natural sounding as any other speaker i own with a little more openness, which might be attributable to the Tertullus power cord. 

The opening track from Time Out by Dave Brubeck sounded just as clean and present as some of my more expensive speakers. It also had the purity, tone and openness that i am used to hearing. On track number 2 the piano notes soared with good tone, expression and weight. And yet, the detail and resolution remained intact much like it would on a good entry level hi-fi speaker. 

Don't worry, you are not going to throw away your $200 pair of speakers, but for the low price of the Aiyima tweeter and ease of modification, this is an experiment that is worth trying. I also like the Tertullus power cord and Amazon Basics interconnect, especially when used with the modified Dayton Speakers.