Review : Initial SP-710 speakers plus TNP Premium IC. Cheapskate Paradise

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine

May 2023 Issue


Initial SP-710 Speakers + TNP Premium Stereo Interconnect


The Initial SP-710 speakers were originally sold as part of a compact music system several years ago. They are now available on the used market for as little as $25. This is a very small and compact pair of speakers with bass that belies their size. Power handling is only 15 watts, but they are a fairly easy speaker to drive with good sensitivity. I matched them to a vintage receiver with similar power and the results were genuinely impressive. I was a little bit stunned to find out that this exact same speaker can be purchased new on Aliexpress , but the price is over a $100, which makes them an excellent value at the used price. 

The TNP premium stereo interconnects are currently available on for under $10. High quality rca connectors are used which is one reason they perform well. They also use balanced solid connectors for enhanced internal noise reduction for clearer deeper bass. The solid core bass conductor is purported to optimize low frequency signal transfer for improved bass response. Based on what i heard from this system, i would say that this is more than just manufacturer hyperbole. 

To test the bass qualities i listened to a song by Neil Young , "Don't Cry" from the Freedom album. This song had a dense hard hitting bass that was impressive considering the size of the box and bass driver. The vocals on track number four from the same album were almost as good as some of my much more expensive speakers. Track number six had a very natural bass accuracy and texture. Neil's voice had a touch of sweetness to it. 

If you are a fan of Dexter Gordon, be sure to check out his 5 original album pack. "Soy Califa"  from the A Swingin' Affair album sounded anything but thin. The high frequencies were robust and extended with nice tonal colors. The tenor saxophone sounded almost as clear and accurate as my $500 speakers with a little less fullness. "Tanya" from One Flight Up, had excellent timing, tonal color and dynamics. My high end speakers sounded a little cleaner. Overall, i liked my cheap system better in some respects. 

If you are an audiophile with budget restraints you could put together a system like this for not much money. It would be excellent for a second system as well. I highly recommend both the Initial speakers and the TNP stereo interconnect. Both high value items that will surprise and delight you.