Review: Cryo Parts Beast Power cord

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I struggled big time in changing the pc for the ARC and finally pinned it down to 3 choices of outstanding pc to select from in my price range until... until that is I saw the ad here at AudiogoN for Cryo Parts "Beast". Since I had read and have a minute experience with cryo treated cables I wrote for literal days to manufactures asking questions then I finally one morning gave in (to my attraction) and ordered a 7' Beast from Lee at Cryo Parts. First off the cable came shipped in an anti static bag (I know the importance) plus it is UL listed as was conveyed to me (hughly important to me), when I removed the Beast it is an eye pleasing green color and has Furutec IEC/ Male connectors and again important the cord has semi- flexibility and can be moved very easily (but it IS NOT LIMP). Lee suggests that it be used with it's primary source peice (I was fighting between amp or CD) and allow 3-5 days for "the cord to settle in" mine enjoyed 130 hrs pre conditioning from the factory. I replaced the ARC cord and sat down to evaluate, I was shocked at the immedate difference I heard! There was no loss of any frequency, the sound was very smooth and the mid and upper registers very liquid. You notice right away that the pace of the music has more tempo, bass is still tight and has good extention one quick observation was the depth was shallower than before but hey this is a brand new cord. I took notice that on SOME CDs that I have to now turn down the volume becuse I have apporx .5 db-1db more output also. I have now had the "Beast" in place for about 9 days now listening to quite a bit of my music holdings and yes I have done a bit additional tweaking but being fully consious of the changes the resulted from doing so, I listen to softer rock, blues, and some new age and this pc is anything but a Beast! Again I stress that pace is much better now, bass extention is super (for my system) tight, defined and very controlled. Mid range is gloriously liquid and upper ranges are crisp as cymbils hit attack and decay are even faster in attacks and retreats, noise floor very much lowered and very, very black with seperation and the depth is deep and the music contains mtlti layers of placement and a new world of inturmentation and hidden information that had been hidden before. Please one of the most important things I can say about this peice is that it is NETURAL, it colors nothing one of the biggest compliments I can give any peice. I will endorse this pc with the highest compliments available, yeah I haven't used alot of different peices for me that's becuse I have discovered items like the Beast that would cost many times the price of what it would cost to get at or near the performance of this outstanding power cord. Congratulations Lee you have one fine cord here and you're also someone to trust, Thank you for your passion. ABsolutely a recomandation if you're in the market for a power cord. (Listening selections available as comparision if you contact.)

Associated gear
Audio Research CD 2
Classe CAP 151 Integrated amp
Apogee Slant 6 speakers
Ridge Street Audio Poeima Sig Ic
RC Audio bi wired speaker runs
Bright Star Audio-Air MAss/Big Rock 3
Room Tunes (48")
Corner Tunes

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Thank you! I'm glad you like the Beast. We designed this PC to be world class in performance, but real world in price.

Comments like the above mean a lot, as it means we met our goal!

And, thanks to you, Rsjm80, it was a pleasure conversing with you. One of the most dedicated, careful listeners we have encountered, and a heck of a nice guy to boot!


Hello Htluc,

There is an ad for the Beast here on the 'Gon, search for CryoParts or CryoMax and the ad will come up.