Review: Audio Aero Capitole CD Player

Category: Digital

The Audio Aero is without exception one of the finest CD players that I have ever had the opportunity to listen to or to own. Believe me I have auditioned and lived with a great many CD players.

The analog smoothness, the warmth the sweet and extended top end, the holographic nature of voices and instruments. It adds flesh to musical bones. If you enjoy the guitar (acoustic or electric), piano, violins, voices, etc. etc., and having them all appear full bodied, real and musical, please buy this player.

I do not work for Audio Aero, nor am I affiliated in any manner whatsoever. I am just a great and die-hard fan of the music that this player makes.

Associated gear
Cary SLP-98
Antique Sound Labs 845 Monoblocks
Silverline Sonatina Mk II speakers
Clearview Interconnects and Spkr cables

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For anyone wanting to hear the new Audio Aero Capitole MK-2 player in the southern california area we now have this unit on display. call us at (949)362-6080 for a private demo.