Resurrecting CD Transport

My trusty Wadia 3200 transport started skipping. I cleaned the laser and added some WD40 to the mechanism, but it still skips. It seems to play track 1 fine, but the skipping increases the further into the tracks I go. I have two questions:

1) Do the symptoms point to something I could repair?
2) The transport is feeding a Benchmark USB DAC. In today's world, am I better off getting a laptop with a CD transport since that would also let me listen to Internet content and streaming radio stations? If so, is there a goto model, would it sound as good, and is there any software to make it sound better? I have a good Wireworld USB cable.

Thanks in advance.
I would stay with separate transport unless you are just going to RIP all the cd's to the pc. A good quality transport certainly can make a difference in the right system, and I'm guessing from your description that the Wadia is ready for service.
You can try a deep cleaning of the laser (more details can be found here and if still do not work send it for service. I do not suggest you to buy a new transport but rip all your CDs to a NAS and use a streamer as a transport. I do not like the idea to have a computer playing the files and prefer a dedicated device for this. You can try to find a 2nd hand Logitech Squeezebox Touch to start.