Replacement amp for NAD 3020a?

I have one of these amps linked up to a pair of Royd Sintra II's, through which I play my ipod mainly, though I do have a Rega turntable I use now and then. I was advised ages ago that the Royds could use a more powerful amp. My top limit is £700 so I was looking at the Roskan Kandy 2. But then the more I looked...the Rotel ra1520 came up. And also the Yamaha A S500, as a budget option. What do you think? Go with the Yamaha or push the boat out for the Roskan or Rotel, or other ideas!?

You may wish to go w/ another NAD amp if you like the sound. I own the 302 and it's "only" 20w per ch. but it has no problem at all driving 4 ohm 90dB spks. and it sounds very good! The Rotel and Kandy will probably be more detailed and it may not suit what you're used too. I'd possibly look at the Arcam Alpha 10 as well. (I owned this amp at one time and from memory I thought it had a nice warm presentation. Completely different presentation from an Alpha 7 which I presently own as well.) Good Luck!
Hi, thank you for the advise. I do like the sound of the 3020 - just that I'm always wondering if an upgrade would make my speakers sound much better. I suppose getting a demonstration amp to test at home might be the way forward.
If you like the sound of the NAD, I don't think you'll like the Rotel. I had a NAD C317 (80w per ch I believe) and I absolutely loved it. I had it for about 10 years and decided it was time to upgrade. I auditioned the Rotel RB1582 amp (200w per ch) and the RC1580 preamp. I thought I liked my audition and bought them, only to find out they sounded terrible with my B&W Cm7's. For lack of a better term it sounded very bright and was painful to listen to at any level for more than 15 minutes. At first I thought it was my speakers, so I grabbed my old B&W 602's from the cellar and it sounded just as bad. A friend brought over his Rogue Cronus Magnum and it sounded amazing, just like my NAD. I ended up selling the Rotel gear and bought the Rogue Cronus Magnum which I still love today. I would not hesitate to buy another NAD either, and if I can find a deal on a nice used NAD integrated, I will buy another so I don't have to run the tubes in the summer. This is just my experience and opinion, but I would try and find something that sounds more like your NAD if you like it.
Simon, I use a 3020A to drive Signet speakers in my video system. More than once I've been caught up by the degree of musicality it produces from appropriate video content. I would hesitate to replace it with anything else that I could not audition first, just to be sure I was not giving up anything.