Reference 3A Dulcet or PSB minis for iDecco

I'm looking to upgrade from my current ERA DS4.5 speakers that I use with my iDecco and would like some opinions. I'm currently auditioning the PSB imagine minis but I'm thinking about the 3A Dulcets as an option. I like the minis but they are a little bass shy (obviously). I've never heard the Dulcets but I did have an extended audition with the older Veenas some years back and still recall how natural they sounded to me. There are no dealers near me so this would be a risky purchase. I would be using the speakers with an iDecco in a small 11x11 room. Obviously this would be nearfield listening 6 to 8 feet, volumes are modest to somewhat loud, mostly jazz and some R&B and classic rock. I was considering the Vandersteen 1C's but I think the room is far too small. Opinions?
if you like the imagine minis, the larger imagine b speakers will have more bottom end and cost only a bit more (you can find 'em for less than a grand used). very good, lively r&r speaker. personally, i'm using polk lsi7s in a similar-sized room and am happy with 'em; i'd also consider focal chorus/cobalt or, best of all, von schweikert vr1, if you can find a pair.
Dulcets. I reviewed them about 5 years ago for Positive Feedback Online and I still can't get them out of my head. One of the best speaks I have heard give its inherent limitations.

They would be prefect for the size room you have.

Good Luck, jtb
Well I'm in the process of demoing both the Mini's and the Dulcets. The Dulcets are just out of the box and sound very congested. Actually they sound bad at this point but I need to run them in for several days. the Minis are fully broken in and sound great given their size and limitations. Right now I doubt either will sound anywhere near as good as my GMA Callistos.
i have heard neither. but, FWIW, i run a idecco in my girlfriend's bedroom system, a transport for cd's and ipod playing WAV. i use Silverline Minuets and the bass is more than sufficient in a 13x15 space. the Minuet gives a musical, well balanced presentation although is not hyper-detailed if that is your bent. she listens primarily to rock, pop, electronic and smooth jazz.