Recommended power amp for Energy Veritas v2.8

I am planning on upgrading my power amplifier. I was thinking about getting a pair of Parasound JC-1's. Any thoughts? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
depends on your priorities,but in IMHO after having the jc1s for 1 1/2 years seems to me its greatest asset lies in its overall balance of strengths.other amps may do specifics SLIGHTLY better;
(krells dig deeper,halcros are more transparent and extented on top,pass's xa series are sweeter and warmer)but neither comes close to the jc1s natural,smooth and neutral mids while at the same time offering excellent build,parts selection,power,bass slam and definition,speed,detail,lushness AND good looks.
in the end,can't think of a better option for two 400 watt monoblocks at the price.
thanks for reply. I can get Jc-1's new at cost (or very close). Have you heard Plinius amps? Plinius 250 mk2 was recommended to me lately.
haven't heard Plinius,seems to be good feedback here on a'gon though;might want to investigate Ayre also.
I have the Energy Veritas 2.4I and looking into purchasing the Parasound JC-1 mono blocks.  Are you still happy with your setup and do you think Parasound is a good match for Energy speakers?
The JC1,s in hi bias class-A mode should be a very nice match for these.

Cheers George
I am very happy with my setup. Parasound jc1 is a great match for energy veritas v2.8 at least the nodded version. It should be a great match for v2.4i. Though make sure you get appropriate wiring (speaker, interconnect and power cables).