Recessed/Weak Midrange Problem -- Help

I have a pair of rear-ported Soliloquy 5.0s that I just installed in my office with a Rega system (Brio + Planet). The speakers are on top of a sort of side desk against the wall (the desk is hollow underneath). The rear of the speakers is roughly 6 inches from the wall. Due to space constraints that's where they gotta stay.

The problem is that with this scenario the midrange seems to be recessed, or weak, in comparison to the bass. Treble seems OK. The midrange just seems to be drowning. Neil Young sounds like he's way far off, or just singing softly, but the instruments are up front. I've had these speakers in another set up and they were fine.

Is the rear-porting the problem? If so, can I reduce this? Am I just hearing a limitation of some component in the system. The Rega components are supposed to excel in the midrange. Any thoughts? Should I consider another small speaker that is not rea-ported (nor bright!)? Will adding some granite under the speakers help (no room for stands)? Thanks!

I personally am not an expert. However, you might also want to mention the cables your using. Although it sounds like a problem with placement it could (possibly) have something to do with system synergy.
Rear port is not helping you in this situation, nor the close to the side wall placement. Not as a permament fix, but as a listening venture for a couple of minutes, plug up(sock, or something easy to get in out) the rear ports and listen. IF that lessens the bass problem, then you hear part of the problem and you can advance from there. Of course, some might say having Neil Young far off singly softly is not a problem but a solution.
I just tried copper IC's instead of the silver I had been using for years. The same thing happened to the midrange as you describe. I went back to the silver. Your IC's could be the problem.
I agree with Jvia, the problem is probably primarily speaker location related (and the rear ports relative to the wall behind). As you move around your office, does the problem persist? Just as an experiment, move them around, to the extent you can, to see if the mid-range character changes. That may help you decide whether or not you need different speakers. Good. Luck. Craig
If you would just bring the speakers up to the front edge of the desk, you will drop 3db of boundary loading off of the bass response and also reduce the rear port loading off the rear wall. This will probably clear most or all of the problem up for you.