RCM Fluid Applicator: Loricraft

In anticipation of the arrival of a just ordered Loricraft -- replacing my VPI16.5 -- I have a question about cleaning solution application.

Spraying/spritzing the record cleaning solution is the method employeed in the Loricraft demo video. Given the higher RPM of the Loricraft vs the VPI (and run-off concerns), using a spray, rather than the drip method of application (before brushing), would appear to be sensible.

As my preferred cleaning solution is RRL, and Brian Weitzel has cautioned against cross-contamination, I'm concerned with simply pouring RRL into just ANY spray bottle.

Are you utilizing a spray bottle, atomizer, and if so:
What are you using?
Where did you procure it?

Assuming some sort of residule may be remaining from the bottle’s/sprayer’s manufacturing, should one be concerned with cleaning the bottle/sprayer etc.? If so, what should be used to clean it?
Congrats on your new RCM! You won't be sorry.

I use RRL fluids on my Loricraft, straight from the drip-top bottles. No problems and no atomizing necessary.

Hold your applicator brush lightly against the spinning record and dribble the fluid across the grooves directly in front of it. I clean many sides without losing a drop. This is true whether I use Disc Doctor/Music Direct style brushes or the carbon fiber brushes that Brian recommends.

My Vinyl-Zyme IS in a spray bottle and it's actually more of a chore. I'll probably use my next empty RRL bottle for Vinyl-Zyme and lose the spray bottle altogether.
Doug: Thanks so much for your response, and other tips regarding the care and feeding of the Loricraft. It was a difficult decision to part with the bucks, but as with everything else I’ve done in this hobby, I'm sure I will have no regrets with the decision.

BTW, The breadth and depth of your contributions to this and other forums is extraordinary sir – many kudos to you!! If not the first to suggest or use the ME as a stylus cleaner, you certainly were an enthusiastic adopter and vociferous proponent of its use. It’s hard telling how many folks are using a ME today because of your recommendations (I include myself among them).

Now if I could only borrow Paul's famous sonar-like hearing, and your hands-on technical expertise to fine tune my table and arm....do you two offer house calls, or participate in audiophile mind melds...[grin]....Cheers, Mike

Since I give each cleaner its own applicator, cross contamination is not a concern.

Premier - Here I'm probably guilty of flagrant indulgence. I hold the nylon brush that comes with the PRC-3 kit against the record at a right angle to the grooves and spray Premier across it from outer to inner groove as the record turns. Some folks advocate spraying it on a cotton ball then applying as the motor spins the record.

Otherwise, all cleaning fluid gets applied with the motor off.

Bugtessel gets applied using the sprayer. I then ensure complete coverage with a foam painters brush, spreading it around by following the grooves. The only thing I use that brush for.

RRL wash gets transferred from its large bottle to a smaller drip bottle dedicated for it. I squirt some on the record then spread it with a likewise dedicated Record Doctor brush.

Congrats on getting a Loricraft - it is an excellent machine and your records will love you for it. :-)

I second the thanks to Dougdeacon! I got my Loricraft about a month ago and found that when applying fluid to the spinning LP in the manner suggested by Loricraft, a few (or more) drops sometimes splashed off the LP onto the machine. So - - - I'll give your method a try.

Here's another question: any suggestions on "thread management"? Darn if the thread doesn't keep slipping off the spool and wraps itself around the base of the brass bracket that supports the spool.

BTW - I love the machine - - - way better than the 20-year old Nitty Gritty 2.5 it repaced.

Here's another question: any suggestions on "thread management"? Darn if the thread doesn't keep slipping off the spool and wraps itself around the base of the brass bracket that supports the spool.

Yes - this is a hassle, though the cure is easy enough. I put a couple small O-Rings or rubber grommets on the spool spindle. This holds the spool tight, controls the thread and prevents it from spinning. When you need to let out more thread, just turn the spool with the vacuum on. Once I did this I've had no more thread drooping off the spindle.

Mrmb - This started out as your thread, and I didn't mean to "highjack" it. Thanks to you, Docsavage and Jtimothya for advice and counsel on thread management - - - much appreciated!
I have had a Loricraft 3 for nearly five years now. I once had the Keith Monks and will tell you that the Loricraft is much more dependable.

I spritz the L'art du Son vinyl cleaner on and scrub the record with the nylon brush with the long direction of the brush following the record grooves. I have tried the AudioTop, Disk Doctor, and RRL cleaners often rinsing afterwards with distilled water. In every case records further cleaned with L'art du Son sound better.

I would not worry too much about some of the fluid getting on the cleaner. I merely wipe it up afterwards. I also would not worry too much about some of the fluid getting under the edge and needing to be vacuumed off after flipping.

At CES I have watched the guys from Loricraft clean records. They get fluid around the table and scrub the record as I now do. They also say that the model 6 with its greater vacuum power means that they seldom have to clean a record a second or third time to get it clean!

I have never had any difficulties at all with the thread.