Raven vs primaluna integrated amplifiers

I have a pair of tannoy XT6F’s and I’m looking to pair them with a tube amplifier. I was originally looking at the primaluna evo 100 or 200 but the idea of spending that kind of money on a product made in China turns me off a bit. I recently looked into raven audio’s nighthawk mk3 and it’s definitely got me intrigued. Any thoughts or input on this pairing would be awesome. I’m open to other suggestions as well. I’d like to stay under $3000.
thank you
could save for a year, but you would have to redesign it. It is simply not the decorating style I would enjoy spending time in.
 Why would I it’s for rent and we use it once a year for 2 weeks a year.
 Oh and I evicted out from my page, but you are probably used to rejection.

Have a wonderful rest of your life. 
No really. 

Thanks for removing my name from your "system page". It had no business being there. I also noticed you removed other non-audio pictures from there, too. That was a good move. Keep it that way. You see, I do give you good advice and you do listen.

Now, secretly, consider audio2design’s and mine observations about room adjustments to improve the sound of your system even further. If it is not possible for whatever reason, so be it, but consider it at least.
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