Qutest + Node 2i coax issue

I bought a Chord Qutest this week to upgrade my system’s sound. My streamer’s a Node 2i, which I’d been running into the DAC on my Hegel H160 integrated via RCA coax.
I’m fairly new to digital audio, so had assumed I could connect the Qutest and Node 2i via USB. When I realized that’s not possible, I decided on Coax. I bought a cheap RCA to BNC just to get music going while I found a better cable, but I couldn’t get any sound when I hooked it up.
So today I bought a more expensive cable, a Cardas Parsec RCA to BNC, then rushed home and hooked it up, excited to hear my amazing new DAC. And . . . . nothing.
Hoping somebody here has maybe been through this and can help—or if you’ve had success with a Node2i/Qutest/Coax combo I’d love to know how you did it. The Bluesound site doesn’t offer any usable advice, unfortunately.
Is it the two cables I’ve tried? Is it my streamer? Is it the Qutest? And what can I do to make this work?
The Coax output on the Node 2i works when I use it as an RCA to RCA output to my Hegel amp, so I’m tempted to say that’s not the problem. When I connect the coax from the Node 2i, the Qutest’s centre light doesn’t come on . . . suggesting (I think?) it’s not getting any signal at all.
The Qutest also works when I use a USB from my MacBook. 
I have not tried a Toslink cable because I don’t have one, and have heard they’re typically brighter in this set-up—something I’m trying to avoid.
I have reset my Node2i and unplugged everything a few times with no luck.

Do you have a user manual? I assume you selected Coax 1 or Coax 2 using the INPUT button.
If your input selection is correct, maybe it's the cable. You could try a RCA to RCA coax and use a BNC adapter on one end.

Lowrider, thank you. I saw your note simultaneously with the one Chord sent me. And . . . this is embarrassing. I hadn't selected the correct input. Sheesh. Thanks again, I appreciate the reply. 
We've all been there in one way or another. Once I spent an hour troubleshooting my DAC and realized, after much frustration, I simply needed to turn the thing ON.
Yup. I'll never get that day back. Ha. For what it's worth, it sounds pretty gorgeous now. 

sorry my earlier post somehow came through without the typed words... 

anyhow, glad you sorted it out... those bubble buttons are the key on a qutest LOL
Definitely worth the setup time. I have a N2i and a Vault 2i also. Both coax and optical work well with my Parasound’s DAC with either coax or optical.