Quick question: How to connect AK70 to an external DAC (Marantz NA6006)

Hey guys,

This might be a silly question but I am struggling to connect my AK70 (use as source) to my Marantz DAC.  I tried a Micro USB to USB A input on my marantz but nothing seems to work.  I tried switching AK70 to Line Out but still no luck.

Am I missing something or is it not possible to use AK70 as a source & plug it into an external DAC?

Please help, thanks!

On Page 35 of the English version of the owner's manual ( see link above) there are instructions for directing the output to the USB port. Have you done that?

On the Marantz gear, have you selected the corresponding input for the front USB port?

Nice gear. I'm sure you are very close to enjoying it.

Good luck.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for pointing me to the manual, now I understand the functionality better. And thanks, I am really digging my new system (I have the NA6006 connected to PM8006 amp and Dali Opticon 2 speakers. It may not be hifi but I am very pleased with the performance.

Anyway, even when i followed the instructions (connect AK70 Micro USB to Marantz USB A) and press the USB icon as the manual says, Marantz doesn’t recognize anything. AK70 does say its become a media device. So I am not sure what I am missing.

You need to read your marantz manual I don't think you can do what you are trying to do. According to the marantz manual it can only play from USB devices like a hard drive or flash drive that is formatted in FAT 16 or 32. 
Ah, gotcha.  You're right.  I guess there's no way to use my AK as media device with the NA6006.  Bummer.  

I am fairly new to these digital methods.   so hey, thanks for clarifying.
Marantz literature for the NA6006 says that an "iPod" could be connected to front USB port. Perhaps the sample rate resolution is limited for that port - or it is expecting iPod/iPhone signaling, 

Really seems to me that it should work.

Good luck.