Quad 12L or Rogers LS3/5A 11Ohms

Hello, which one to go ? They are about the same price. The LS3/5A is used of course...my room is about 16*16 feet..

the ls3/5(rogers) is arguably the best loudpeaker ever made...the quad is nice, but not even in the same league.
I would buy the Rogers because it's a legendary speaker and soemwhat rare nowadays (whereas the Quad is more "run of the mill"), because it has an excellent design concept behind it (high system Q, conceived to operate even in small spaces...), because it has a "friendly" sound with attention paid to the critical mid-range, many hobbyists have it so there's support and a small community that exchanges ideas on how to get the best out of an LS3/5A

But hardly because it is the best (sounding) speaker ever made -- by any stretch of the imagination. IMHO, ofcourse.
My brother in law has the LS3/5a and loves them....had his tweeters replaced, (has had them forever). The Quad is hardly a 'run of the mill' box, they are quite good. You should hear both..... the Quad will give you greater output capability. You have a very good chance of being satisfied with either speaker. Good luck.
I have about the same trouble as Olivier.
The LS3/5A are to big 4 me.
The only choice I have are compact loudspeakers.

I've found some other competitors 2 the Quad 12 L :
- Diapason Micra III or Prelude III (bigger)...but more expensive
- Castle Trent II

What do u think of thoses proposals ?