Purchase from Canada


I (in New York) would like to purchase an amp from a Canadian audiogoner and am wondering whether the transaction will attract customs duties, etc.

In the past, I sold a piece to a Candian audiogoner and the poor guy had the speakers stuck at custom for a month and ended up having to pay something like 20% duty.  Is the same thing going to happen to me?


tropicana20 (lenny miles)

I've bought several used items from Canada shipped to me in USA. Never paid any extra fee except eBay and PayPal fees, and tax the system now collects, even on used items, even tax on shipping cost.

I always have the item insured based on it's value rounded up, you end up paying tax on that also.
State tax plus possible duty and brokerage would apply.

Your best bet would be to pony up for the fastest rate of shipping which in my experience nets you the lowest fees and also minimizes the chances of shipping damage.  

Have the seller mark the item clearly as used will help.  Undervalue at your own risk, I've done it but again only with the fastest shipping option being used.
I have bought from Canada on several occasions from interconnects to a Consonance Droplet 5.0 cdp at about 60 lbs to a pair of Xindak monoblocks at about 50 lbs each.  I was hit with customs on the interconnects only and that was through UPS.  When I shipped via Canada Post, no customs were charged.   
@lcherepkai  same here. Shipping via Canada Post no Duties paid but can take 7-21 days to arrive. Shipped via FedEx or UPS Duties always collected.