PS Audio PerfectWave- Very decent one

I thought I would give the new PS Audio PerfectWave a try, and to my surprise, it sounds amazingly nice right off the bat. The AC-5 is the mid-entry level retailed at AudioAdvisor for $250, 1.5M. This cable, no doubt, is an improved from my ancient PS Audio Statement . It�s punchy, crystal clear with great contrast (sound dynamics between silent and peak) and elegant at the same time; unlike the Statement that I have, plain and boring. Don�t get me wrong, I�m still all up to warm, sweet, and romantic sounds but this cable did not go beyond that. It�s not bright like Nordost either. White noise level is pretty good. The AC-5 is very slightly skinnier than my Statement but I can still definitely use it as my nun chuck to defend myself, literally. One full swing to the head and I can assure that you will not leave my house w/o a puddle of blood.

One of my favorite CD that I normally use for testing is a demo CD from speaker builders Usher who normally passed them out at audio show years ago. It has males�, females� voice, percussions, and instruments, etc. While I was �cruising along� with this very familiar CD, this cable AC-5 �shocked me� in the middle of the night: �holly crap!!! What was that? Did I hear something else (I did not hear before)?� I hopped up and looked around the room, I rewind and listened again. Sure enough, it was a B.I.G �kang� from the cymbals that clearly stood out like never before. Scared the heck out of me!

I like switching cables around to get (learn) diff sounds and I think this cable�s value is very decent for its price. PS Audio was never my favorite, and I used to think them as Monster Cable, and Bose; over rated. But after this experience, I think this new PS Audio, the PerfectWave, is a good cable to fit in high end audio world without going broke. Hope to hear more from other owners.

PS: The AC-5 made even bigger impact when I moved it from my player to my Pre-amp.
Congratulations, it's always good to find good value in power cords. I believe they are fundamental, and very important.
The AC-12 and AC-10 with PCOCC single copper sound even better. They are clearer and harmonically richer than last year's SC versions.