Preamp to Pair with NAD M23

Hi everyone,

I recently got a NAD M23 to replace an Adcom GFA-555 that I've been using the past 10 years.  I am using a Bryston 11B as a preamplifier currently along with an Arcam irDAC to drive a pair of Kef 104/2s.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the sound but am curious about newer preamplifiers.  The sound stage and imaging with the NAD is definitely an improvement to the Adcom especially at lower volume levels.  I have been looking at the Benchmark HPA4 as a potential replacement and using the Bryston as a phono preamp.  For anyone with experience with any of these components would a major upgrade or more of a lateral move as I understand that Bryston and Benchmark are both known to be fairly neutral.  Any other suggestions are welcome as well.  Thanks.




It sounds great, definitely a great pairing to my ears.  I initially was using a Bryston 11B as well as a Linn Kairn and prefer it over both.  The MZ2 is has a much better soundstage/imaging and vocals sound right.  

I'm using a cary audio slp-05 into the Nad m23 and am enjoying it a lot. the cary looks great, sounds amazing and is also dead quiet. wasn't a big fan of the stock tubes, so plugged in a set of NOS sylvania 6sn7 tubes and they're much better indeed. ordered a set of atma-sphere class d monoblocks out of curiosity and waiting on them to arrive. 

@docroasty Love to hear your impressions of the Atmasphere amps once they’re settled in.